Future Fossils

Future Fossils is a series which examines the systems and processes which govern Photography’s relationship to the contemporary material experience.   

In ‘Footprints, In search of future fossils’ (2020) David Farrier offers a compelling  analysis of the ‘the processes that will transform a megacity into a thin layer of concrete, steel and glass in the strata’. At the heart of Farriers meditation is inescapable fragility of all human actions / creations. The infrastructure necessary to support our contemporary communications systems has a vernacular industrial functionality that disguises its impact on our material relations with the landscape.

In a globalised world, the material nature of land loses its relevance somewhat as our methods of communication transcend physical travel / physical borders. Photography mirrors the condition of our contemporary material experience in the face of the very real threat (crisis?) of a disappearing material culture and the emergence of a pixelated, globalised, technologically conditioned experience.


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