Labelled Faces


Labelled Faces in the Wild was a collaborative archival project between Michael McGinley, Martin Grimes and the curatorial staff at Bolton Museum. As part of our proposed investigation into Worktown archive, we engaged with the outcomes of earlier research where we posssible.

Anthropologists Moor and Uprichard identified that subjective encounters are prompted by the sensual and material characteristics of archival material.[2]Following their lead we wish to RESCAN and OBSERVE both the archive itself and the apparatus that houses and enables it.

‘The continuous work of looking, if you’re really looking critically and with imagination, is to track that dynamic between submission to power and the unpredictable artistic understanding of it, the latter always beyond the artist’s conscious intentions’.[1]

[1] Matthew Collings, (As Antonio Gramsci), Art Review, Vol 65, No 5.
[2] Moor, L and Uprichard, E ( 2014 ) The Materiality of Method: The Case of the Mass Observation [Online].

Image copyright: Bolton Library