What is it that you do?

The title ‘what is it that you do? Is a reference to the exhibition of the same name involving a collaboration of Martin Grimes, Malcolm Evans and Michael McGinley. The exhibition was part of the ‘Annual Programme’, an independent arts venue run by Martin Vincent and Nick Crowe.

Born out of uncertainty and a shared sense of disillusionment with ‘myth of origin’ Michael McGinley and Martin Grimes formed a creative partnership under the working title ‘since 1963’.  Exploring themes such as: identity; authorship; spectacle; media; language and value, the pair pair produced a series of public installations in galleries such as the Blue Coat Gallery Liverpool, the Arts Council Gallery Belfast, Sheffield hallam University, Salford University, the Castlefield, the Cornerhouse Manchester and The Annual Programme.

Within their studio practice the pair explored the function of ‘play’ and the notion of the ‘work’ of art. This practice involved the playful re-contextualising of found industrial materials, ranging from the recouped detritus from decommissioned mills, tarmacadam, rubber, glass to musical instruments and organic materials. The photographs presented here are records of some these experimental performative studio events & public installations.