⏀Michael McGinley

Future Fossils

In ‘Footprints, In search of future fossils’ (2020), David Farrier offers a compelling  analysis of ‘the processes that will transform a megacity into a thin layer of concrete, steel and glass in the strata’. At the heart of Farriers meditation is inescapable fragility of all human actions / creations. The infrastructure necessary to support our contemporary communications systems has a industrial functionality, allowing it to hide in plain site and  disguise its significant impact on our material relations with the landscape... ︎

Inventing Ireland

Out of frame, the North Atlantic Ocean, ceaselessly tears into the Donegal shoreline, above which, each of these caravans perches. On the boundary of two great competing forces, these flimsy fabrications almost taunt the Atlantic in a ludicrous game of dare as they retreat into the rock face as far they can, looking incongruous and utterly impermanent... ︎

Labelled faces in the wild

Anthropologists Moor and Uprichard identified that subjective encounters are prompted by the sensual and material characteristics of archival material. Following their lead we began to RESCAN and OBSERVE both the Worktown archive itself and the apparatus that houses and enables it... ︎

Other Evidence

Titine: Do you think that the character of the troubles here reflects the character of the people?

Lecturer: No I wouldn’t....

Titine: I mean that it’s going on, going on.

Lecturer: I’m puzzled by the troubles. I’m really puzzled. I can’t say that they reflect the character of the people as I know them. I really can’t understand. I know that they are gong on and on but...Stops very suddenly.
(Subject: Drama lecturer / Transcriber: Mary Carson)

What is it that you do?

Born out of uncertainty and a shared sense of disillusionment with ‘myth of origin’, Michael McGinley and Martin Grimes formed a creative partnership under the working title ‘since 1963’. 
Exploring identity, authorship, spectacle, media, language and value, the pair pair produced a series of public installations in galleries such as the Blue Coat Gallery Liverpool, the Arts Council Gallery Belfast, Sheffield hallam University, Salford University, the Castlefield, the Cornerhouse Manchester and The Annual Programme.

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